Ayurveda & Yoga

We have qualified Doctor and Therapists in the Hotel offering treatment packages (7/14/21 Days) and Massage, Elakizhi, Dhara, Oil Bath, Abhayanga, Head/Foot/Face Massage


It is believed that the god of the sea, Varuna, gifted Kerala, God's own country to sage Parasurama who is said to have retrieved the land from the sea. And Parasurama imparted the wisdom of Ayurveda, the most ancient system of medicine to the chosen eight families in order to keep his people in good health around five thousand years back. A wholesome treatment system, ayurveda believes in the perfect harmony of mind, body and soul. Without which the well-being of a person is never complete. So every Ayurvedic treatment is aimed at gaining a perfect harmony between the three. At our Ayurvedic centre we have treatment therapies for nervous disorders. Arthritis, mental illness and paralysis. Our qualified and experienced doctors take care of the treatment programmes. Kati vasthi, shirodhara, pizhichil, panchakarma, etc are rejuvenate programmes at hand.


Yoga is a unique and unparalleled system of physical culture. It helps to escape the inherent tension of daily life and to synchronize your thoughts and actions. In turn it helps to maintain a balance between your mind, body and soul. Remember, only a sound body can have a sound mind. Yoga promotes wellness. A condition that transcends the mind and body. And once you reach it, you will be able to pursue your meaningful aims in life. Unaffected by anything else.